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• St Dalfour fruit spreads are made with 100% fruit and sweetened with vineyard-ripened grapes and fruit juices rather than cane sugars, corn syrups and artificial sweeteners found in other jams and jellies.

• St Dalfour contains 0.25 grams added sugar (from fruit juice) per gram of product, which is among the lowest added sugar in the fruit spread category.

• Swapping 1 Tbsp of St Dalfour for 1 Tbsp of the leading fruit jelly has the potential to cut the amount of added sugar in half.

• St Dalfour fruit spreads contain among the lowest levels of sucrose in the category. Sucrose, or table sugar, is responsible for high blood-sugar spikes in standard white sugar.

• Other jams and jellies, and even some fruit spreads, use cane sugars, high fructose corn syrup, and other flavors and colors.

• Swapping 1 Tbsp St Dalfour for 1 Tbsp of the leading fruit jelly once daily for an entire year would save 35 g of added sugar per week, or 1,820 g (455 tsp) of added sugar over 1 year – equivalent to nearly 50 cans of regular cola.

• With the lowest amounts of added sugar in the fruit spread category and made from the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, St Dalfour is a perfect topping to protein-rich foods like cottage cheese and Greek yogurt.

Healthy Blood Sugar

• St Dalfour 100% fruit spreads are a great way to add natural sweetness to your favorite foods including yogurt, salads and smoothies.

• Many St Dalfour fruit spreads are proven to be low GI foods, meaning they are digested slowly and can help keep blood sugar levels steady throughout the day. (Testing conducted at the Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Service [SUGiRS]).

• Adding St Dalfour into your daily meal and snack repertoire can help increase your intake of whole fruits, an important component of a diabetes prevention plan.

Decades of research show the benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables. Science shows that fruits and vegetables are likely effective at reducing disease risk due to their unique, synergistic combination of micronutrients, fiber and bioactive compounds.

• All forms of fruits count and mixing it up with a 100% fruit spread is a fun and tasty way to eat more.

Healthy Heart

• St Dalfour fruit spreads contain zero cholesterol, fat or saturated fat, and a variety of St Dalfour recipes are certified as heart healthy through the AHA® Heart-Check Food Certification Program.

• St Dalfour fruit spreads contain whole fruit pieces and undergo minimal processing, helping ensure that the most possible nutrients are retained from the original fruit sources.

• St Dalfour fruit spreads contain up to 349 mg polyphenols* per 100 g. There are numerous ways polyphenols are thought to influence the complex pathophysiology of heart disease, including decreasing blood pressure and reducing cholesterol levels.

*calculated as tannic acid equivalents and amount varies by flavor

• Some studies have found that regularly enjoying fruit is linked to improved cholesterol and triglyceride levels and reduced heart disease risk.


Healthy Energy

• St Dalfour fruit spreads are made with 100% fruit and fruit juices. When digested, these fruits and fruit juices provide the body with its primary source of energy – glucose.

• While research is still emerging, eating fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy dietary pattern has been associated with overall happiness, as well as some improved cognitive abilities and mental health.

• Vitamin C-rich foods such as oranges and strawberries found in select St Dalfour varieties, help the body absorb iron. Iron is essential to oxygenate blood, contract muscles and aids brain function for improved energy.

• Many St Dalfour varieties contain berries, which offer antioxidant properties that can help combat fatigue and promote recovery.

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